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Kalemegdan Fortress and new Belgrade

Kalemegdan Fortress and new Belgrade

Do you know what or where Belgrade is?  If your answer is no, we definitely recommend you If you do know that Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, located on the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe, and that it’s a 3 million inhabitants city with over 7000 years of history, Belgrade Your Way is still a site you should visit. In case you’ve been in Belgrade and know everything about it, you’re invited to share your knowledge with others, through the forums, or writing an article. After all, that’s what makes this site unique: it’s all about Belgrade – your way!

Why would anyone want to visit Belgrade? Well, it’s a beautiful European city, with oriental influences, that had a very interesting past worth meeting. It’s also known as the city of good vibrations, due to many parties and festivals. The Serbian culture, tradition and lifestyle is also pretty interesting and appealing to foreign visitors. Belgrade’s geographic location also gives a special touch to the city, as it lies on two large, and several small rivers, with the Big War island just 1 km from the city center, that is a protected natural reserve.

As this is not an article about Belgrade, but the website Belgrade Your Way, we won’t tell you anything else. Instead, we invite you to take a look for yourself!

Belgrade Your Way was designed to be eye catching, user friendly and simple, consume less energy (darker) and load fast. The series of images rotating in the header, are shot by the authors themselves, and will be changing from time to time to provide you a better look at this fabulous city. The logo represents the famous Belgrade panorama seen from across the river Sava, with the most important buildings and landmarks.