Are you "green"?

Being “green” doesn’t only mean buying plants for your home or garden, or saying “save the whales dude!” If you think that you have to be rich or powerful to be able to do something for the well fare of your planet, you’re terribly wrong. Everybody can help in the battle against global pollution, the greenhouse effect and other evils that menace our bare existence.

Here are some things you can do yourself:

  • If you are a smoker, quit smoking or at least try to reduce as much as possible. Throw the cigarette rests in a trash can (previously turn it off!), instead of throwing them  to the streets or the grass. The burning cigarettes continue producing dangerous gases and emiting them to the atmosphere. Many smokers don’t think of that. It is already selfish enough to pollute the air the non-smokers have to bread, so at least reduce that as much as you can!
  • A very large percent of the pollution comes from the oil consuming transportation means, such as cars, buses, jets and shis. Although some of the modern manufacturers improved their products, most of the vehicles (looking worldwide) are old, and send too much CO int the atmosphere. So, what can I do about it? – you’re probably asking yourself. Well, throughout the large European cities, a new (old) fashion is emerging: grab a bike instead! You pollute less, you do excercise, you avoid traffic jams, can go through parks or pedestrian areas… Also, in many large cities throughout the world, there is some kind of railway transportation – the metro (subway, tube…), light rail, monorail or tram. These all go on electricity instead of oil, gas, etc, so you should try to use them instead of buses or cars to move from one part of the city to another, if you can’t handle a bicycle.
  • Do not flush garbage down your toilet (condoms, medicine, cigarettes, plastic covers…), because eventually it will come to a river, lake or the sea, and won’t be dissolved.
  • When you go to a picnic, make sure you’ve taken at least one plastic bag for the garbage, and of course, use it! Cigarette butts are the most usual cause of forest fires, followed by barbecues. If you want to make a barbecue in the woods, (and if it’s allowed), make sure you’ve got enough sand and water to turn it off, and find a clear part of the forest as a measure of precaution. If there is a ranger in the forrest, conslut with him, and announce your barbecue so he can check the place later when you’re gone. Also, do not throw any plastic, glass or metal garbage, as they won’t be dissolved. They can all damage animals (the “six pack” can holders can easily choke them, or even deform them permanently!) The glass and metal colud reflect the sun and focus it’s energy (and heat) into one point on a tree or grass, which could also light a fire,
  • Do your best to concience others, or at least the ones close to you. Keep encouraging them to throw garbage at a place ment for it, quit smoking, to take a bike, a walk or a train…
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as much as you can, as these are the 3 principal (R) rules in ecology. If there is a “green point” near you, try to divide your trash into organic, plastic, metal and paper. In some countries, medicine, batteries or old furniture is also recyclable.
  • Plant a tree or any other kind of plant if you can in your garden, neighborhood…