geaNostra launches Top Sites

We’re proud to announce a new service that will be helpful both to webmasters and to regular web surfers – geaNostra Top Sites. To the surfers it will help to find new interesting sites suggested, reviewed and rated by other users who came across them.

To the webmasters this will be a very useful, free promotion tool, reaching the whole world. It offers detailed statistics, adding standard 468×60 banners for the top 10. The websites are categorized, searchable, and there’s even a Top Winners section on the site. It is free and easy to join, and after joining you receive your button code which you have to put somewhere on your website (the clicks on it give you the ranking, so the better the placement, the more chance you have 😉 ).

Please note that all the sites (or banners) that might not be appropriate (including but not limited to: adult content, violence, illegal activities…) will be deleted or edited, and the users that submitted them banned.