What Can I Do About Global Warming?

During the mid-20th century, scientists have begun to observe and record the steady increase in the average temperature of the oceans as well as on the atmosphere. This change is now termed global warming and is recognized to be one of the leading factors in which the planet has been undergoing drastic climatic changes such severe typhoons and flooding. With all these alarming developments, I could not help but wonder what I can specifically do in order to contribute toward decreasing this adverse phenomenon.

One of the recognized causes of global warming is the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This particular compound is produced by burning fossil fuels in order to provide energy. One good way to contribute toward reduction of carbon dioxide emissions would be to use a fuel efficient vehicle. This is not a hard thing to do, since a lot of automobile manufacturers have step up to the challenge to develop and sell vehicles that dont consume as much gas as the older models. Another way to help fuel efficiency is to keep my vehicle in top shape and to try carpooling as well as commuting once in a while. It always pays to have engine tune ups regularly as well as to ensure all the tires are properly inflated, as tires not fully inflated can also increase gasoline consumption. Using car air conditioner is also one source of carbon dioxide emissions. On a cool day, driving around with windows open would a good alternative. As for driving less, it not only saves on gas but would also help reduce traffic congestions. It might even encourage a healthier lifestyle, as I now have the option of walking whenever I can.

Carbon dioxide is also emitted by home appliances so it would also make sense to purchase energy-efficient appliances that will not only reduce pollution but also translates to lower energy bill. Using compact fluorescent bulbs is also a good strategy to reduce energy costs. Appliances and light bulbs that came with the Energy Star label are also the most ideal to use and install. Some utility companies even offer rebates for those who made the switch into using energy efficient light bulbs and would also be another way for me to reduce energy bills.

There are also a lot of organizations that are pushing for the use of more renewable energy sources and thereby minimize our reliance on burning fossil fuels. I could also help the fight in global warming by giving my support to these organizations and help educate my friends and family regarding the dangers of global warming and promoting renewable energy at a community level.

Another way to contribute towards the fight against global warming would be to have a greener home. This means a more energy-efficient home. One simple and practical way to ensure this would be to seal all drafts in order to prevent increased used of heating during winters. During summertime, opening the windows and letting cooling breeze come in is a good alternative to using the cooling system. These initiatives also translate into lesser energy bill and more savings on my part.

By: Joost Hoogstrate

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