Harness The Power Of The Sun

We have recently seen shock rises in oil prices and corresponding rises in gas and electricity. While oil prices have thankfully declined, we have yet to see the cost of our utilities decline to their former levels. Many people are considering the real possibility of a massive energy shortage in the coming decades. With this in mind, more and more companies and households are seeking out alternative sources. The ideal alternative is an energy source that is less demanding on the Earth’s natural resources, more economical for the company or individual and finally a source that is kinder the global environment.The answer to many people is not to deplete the world around us but to harness it and utilize the Earth’s natural power without causing lasting damage that will be felt by our children. The number one area that people are investigating is the so-called ‘renewable’ energy sources. This concept refers to sources that provide energy from natural resources that are, unlike oil or coal, naturally replenished. Sources such as wind and tidal power have long been candidates for the main provider of energy in the future. However, there is one source that has been providing energy for our planet since life itself began, the sun.

Harnessing the power of the sunlight, or so called solar power, is not a new concept but as today’s technologies increase in sophistication, new means and methods of bringing the energy provided by the sun to the everyday consumer are turning heads in the scientific world. The beauty of solar power is that households and businesses can eliminate the need for reliance on vast power stations and turn to solar panels to provide a self contained solution to energy needs. In fact, many architects are now beginning to incorporate solar power solutions into their original plans for buildings. By designing buildings and structures with both energy conservation and generation in mind, the final goal is to create what is called a ‘Zero Energy Building’. This, despite the jargon, literally means a building that has an energy consumption of zero. This would effectively eliminate that building’s requirement to be attached to some national energy provision service and reducing the overall burden on natural resources.

One of the major benefits of solar power over other renewable sources is the fact that the sun is a globally obtainable source of power that is not as expensive as demanding as sources like tidal or wind power. With advances in technology, using solar energy for heating and electricity generation has become a realistic and affordable solution for home owners.

By: Marty Rubenski

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