5 Powerful Article Marketing Strategies

Article marketing is generally renowned nowadays on the internet for its ability to provide long term targeted traffic. With all the latest and greatest techniques constantly being discovered nothing has stood the test of time like writing articles. In fact any successful online business usually incorporates article writing as part of their marketing strategy. Composing articles is not all that difficult but there is a certain amount of labor involved.

To maximize the return on your efforts you’ll want to be sure to adhere to the 5 following strategies:


You want to focus on subjects with which you have some knowledge. When you write an article your intentions are to provide information the reader may not be aware of. If you tend to ‘ramble’ on and say nothing your reader will quickly leave. Your ability to inform, entertain or provide insight is what will make your article writing efforts effective. Readers will be more inclined to view you as an authority.

Also and needles to say, the more informed you are on the subject the easier it will be for you to write an article.


A significant advantage article writing offers is the ability to attract targeted traffic to your online business. Knowing in advance to whom you are writing is important from the standpoint that you’ll want to provide content this market is interested in. What are the current issues, problems, or questions facing your readers?

If you write an article addressing these issues, problems, or questions you’ll likely attract the type of reader you’re targeting.


The internet is a fast moving environment in which any reader can visit or leave your article as ‘quick as a click’. The first thing readers will see will be your headline. You must learn to write descriptive, catchy, shocking, and/or thought provoking headlines to catch their attention. Often times the headline is the ONLY thing a person may view to decide if they’re going to read on any further.


Your bio box also referred to as the resource box is where you get the chance to ‘introduce’ yourself to the reader. This is the ONLY place that it is appropriate to do any promotional advertising about your product or business.

By placing a link back to your site along with an effective ‘call to action’ for the reader you’re goal is to generate traffic by enticing readers to click on the link.

Although your resource box should, by design, be brief, do not underestimate its importance. Reader response to any promotional advertising here will ultimately be the measure of how effective your article writing efforts are to generate traffic.


Simply stated you’ll want to submit articles on a consistent basis adhering to the 4 other aforementioned strategies we discussed above. The more you submit articles the more exposure you’ll create for yourself and your business.

Article marketing is a strategy where by supplying useful content to online readers you’ll entice them to visit your business. The effectiveness of your efforts lies primarily within the quality of your article content and the compelling call to action within your resource box. Just remember to always proofread your work.

By: T. J. Philpott

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. For additional online success tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit:blogbrawn.com/