High School Musical Keeps Rocking on Satellite TV

Image: darbyvernon.typepad.com

What is this phenomenon that has your kids glued to your flat screen HD TV? If you have young ones around the teenage phase and perhaps younger, and even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard tell of a little something called High School Musical. You’ve probably wondered what the big deal was. If you’re not 13, it can be hard to figure out. But here’s the basic gist. It’s a TV movie produced by Disney, which you can probably watch just about every day courtesy of satellite TV.

It didn’t start out being hugely popular on the screen though. It actually first became a hit soundtrack, which jumped to the top 10 on the Billboard charts. It soon ended up in the top five, just barely losing the coveted number one spot. Anyways, from this initial popularity a whole franchise of movies was born. The original cast consisted of a bunch of unknowns, who before, had minor roles in some kid shows which you can probably still watch on satellite TV. The concept of the movie’s plot and storyline was based on Romeo and Juliet.

In the first movie, two high school juniors from rival cliques-Troy Bolton played by Zac Efron and Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Hudgens, try out for leading roles in their high school musical, and end up dividing the entire school. Gabriella is pretty, but she’s also something of a nerd-she’s good at math and science; it also doesn’t help matters that she’s new to the school. Troy, on the other hand, is into sports-he’s captain of the basketball team. Both want to be in the musical. Troy’s friends and father don’t think it’s appropriate for him-he’s supposed to be a sports star, a jock after all.

However, both Troy and Gabriella go on to follow their dreams, resisting peer pressure and inspiring classmates to go with the status quo. The two fall in love of course, despite the obstacles imposed on them. Needless to say, the whole movie is filled with songs and dancing. It’s like this generation’s Grease.

The second High School Musical movie again aired on Disney’s satellite TV channel. It was a sequel to the first edition, with the same cast and crew. The premiere brought in a whopping 17 million viewers. It takes place at the end of the school year; the musical gang get jobs at Lava Springs resort. The resort owner’s daughter falls in love with Troy and tries to get in the middle of Troy and Gabriella’s relationship. More singing and dancing ensues.

High School Musical 3 debuted on the big screen in 2008. The feature film starred the same cast members; this time, they have to struggle with life after high school. Gabriella and Troy have to deal with being separated.

Finally, a fourth edition is in the works, but Hudgens and Efron will not be reappearing. The movies have spawned numerous spin-offs, including an Argentine movie based on the American version. There’s a concert tour, a stage musical, an Ice Tour, a book series, video games, and a reality series as well. Of course, you can catch all three movies on the Disney channel-just tune up your satellite TV and pop some popcorn.

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