Facebook smilies

There are numerous smilies for Facebook, but most people just use a few of them while chatting because they don’t even know others exist. Here’s a list of all the smilies (at least those we know) code for Facebook chat:

Happy emote: : ) or : – )

Really happy emote: : D or : – D

Wink emote: ; ) or ; – )

Happy eyes: ^_^

Laughing eyes: > : o or  >:O or  >:-O or  >:o

Cat smile: :3

Grumpy: >: – (

Sad: : ( or : – (

Crying emote: : ’ (

Shocked emote: : o or : – o

Glasses emote: 8 ) or 8 – )

Facebook chat emote for cool! height=14
Cool shades: 8 – |

Facebook chat emoticon for tongue out! height=14
Rude: : p or : – p

Facebook chat emote for WOOT?! height=14
Woot?!: O.o

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for ummmm! height=15
Dork emote: -_-

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for not amused! height=14
Duhhh emote: :/ or :

Facebook chat emote for Devil! height=15
Devil emote: 3 : )

Facebook chat emote for angel! height=15
Angel emote: O : )

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a kiss! height=15
Kiss emote: : – * or : *

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a love heart! height=14
Love emote: <3

Facebook chat emote for Pacman! height=18
Pacman: :v

Facebook chat emote for robot! height=19
Robot: :|]

Facebook chat emote for weird guy's face! height=20
Weird guy’s face: :putnam:

Shark (^^^) <- New!!!

Penguin <(“) <- New!!!

Some smiley codes are separated because of automatic smiley correction here. To get a smiley on Facebook, type the code together. Facebook emoticon smilie emote for wink! height=14

If you know of a smiley that is not on the list, please send us the code via comment! Thanks! Facebook emoticon smiley emote for cool! height=15