geaHot – Looking for some hot stuff?

If you’re looking for fresh content (news, stories, images, videos…) you’ll probably like geaHot, the hottest and freshest site of the geaNostra network. This is a new social publishing (social bookmarking) site from our creative factory, that lets you, the readers choose what you want to read and find it easier.

For those of you that still haven’t got any experience with social bookmarking (Digg, Delicious, Technorati, Reddit, Twitter, Live, Yahoo, Google bookmarks…), here’s a short explanation: You find some content interesting to you while surfing the web (a cool or funny picture or video, news, tutorials, blog posts…), you submit it to geaHot, add it to a suiting category, share it in the relevant group(s) so people who share the same interests can find it. Meanwhile you can also take a look at stuff other people found interesting and posted. The readers may vote or chill (negative vote) the articles, so the first ones displayed are those that got most votes, therefore, more worth reading according to the audience. You can also add the people with similar interests as friends to be able to keep in touch.

geaHot is also a good tool for the webmasters as it gives them the ability to promote their sites content for free, and make it easier to find by the search engines. If you wish to add a button to your site you can find a list here.