Belgrade Beer Fest 2009.

The seventh Belgrade Beer Fest is about to move both the citizens of Belgrade and the visitors from August 12. to 16. 5 days of madness and lots and lots of beer will be accompanied by predominantly rock music, though as previous years, there will also be something for people that like other genres. The Beer Fest is the most massive event in Serbia, surpassing the most famous Exit (Novi Sad) and Gucha (Zlatibor) with over half a million visitors. This year it is expected to break the record with more than 600.000 party goers.

Since last year, the fest has been moved from it’s original location below the Kalemegdan fortress, to a spacier location, the Ušće (Ushche) park across the Sava River, below the Ušće tower.Although this has disappointed some of the fans, there is way more space now and it’s easier to access than the overcrowded downtown location.

Besides the local artists, this year there will also be performers from Canada, France, Spain, Italy, the UK and Switzerland. You can find the complete program here.

The festival also has an educational role, with several campaigns such as “don’t drink & drive” and be more environmentally conscious. The slogan of this year’s fest is “I choose to recycle”, addressing to beer drinkers to recycle the cans.

To get from downtown Belgrade to the Ušće park, all you need is to cross Branko’s bridge, turn right and walk some 500 m (1500 ft).


The fest’s official website: Belgrade Beer Fest

Via Belgrade Your Way