Redesign finished, reorganization coming soon

A few days ago we started the process of redesigning geaNostra. Although some bugs may still remain, the site has a new look and navigation, and the designing process is finished. In the next few days we’ll be reorganizing the site, probably merging the Info and Kitchen sections into one blog and moving it to the root directory. Therefore, if you’re redirected from a search engine or another site to a non-existing page, take a look at the URL (address) and if there is /info or /kitchen in it, try removing it. If you still can not find it, try searching for it using the site’s navigation.

We’re also giving up the Club idea (forums, blogs, gallery…), and instead, we’ll add a photo section, linking to quality blogs on other sites and let those who are interested to write at geaNostra.

Hopefully, all the mess generated this way will be cleared in a few months.