Dust cloud over Sydney

sydney dust cloudThe inhabitants of Eastern Australia, Sydney amongst others, woke up to find themselves involved in an unexpected orange dust cloud caused by desert winds that complicated the daily activities.

The health department urged people to stay home as far as possible and predicted that the chaos will continue tomorrow.

The states of Queensland and New South Wales were affected by this cloud that reduced visibility in Sydney less than a hundred meters. Weather officials have said this is the worst dust storm for more than half a century and in some places even more.The pollution levels in Sydney were at 256, above the limit above which are considered hazardous, set at 200. The situation was even worse in the morning in other areas where it reached record levels until 2665, as evidenced in the Bathurst area.

Emergency services have enabled its troops to meet any emergencies that arise during the day. About 250 people called in the early hours of fog to the 000 emergency phone to report that he suffered from respiratory problems.

In this situation, the Department of Health urged people to stay in their homes as far as possible and predicted that the chaos will continue tomorrow.

As for transport, regardless of the damage to roads and ports, cancellations, in the air traffic the situation was complicated to the point that, at best, the aircraft suffered substantial delays or were diverted to less affected areas.
In others, the aircraft were completely grounded. The Sydney airport operated with only one runway.

Moreover, the authorities are apprehensive about the evolution of the fires in southern Queensland, where firemen feared the flames progress because of the wind sources.