Pau Gasol, serial killer in “CSI Miami”

Spanish national basketball team player and LA Lakers star Pau Gasol might be guest starring in the crime series “CSI Miami“,  according to some Spanish media.

Even though it’s not yet confirmed, Gasol will most probably play the role of a serial killer. The player will shoot his role on three different locations at the city of Los Angeles to appear in what will be one of the first episodes of the ninth season of the series.This is not the first acting experience for the basketball player, since he already guest starred as himself in the “Num3rs” series, with the episode being seen by more than 10 million viewers in the US, which made it the most viewed program of the hour.

Well, you got to admit, he does have the “serial killer” face!


Here’s part of the Numb3rs episode featuring Pau Gasol and his LA Lakers colleague Jordan Farmar: