December 1: World AIDS Day, Charlemagne, Iberian union, Yugoslavia…

Union Day in Romania (1918)

World AIDS Day

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October 29.

Republic Day in Turkey (1923)

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The Pope Gets Solar Panels on His House

Pope Benedict XVI’s Bavarian house in Pentling next to Regensburg, will be getting almost 600 square feet of
photovoltaic solar panels.

They were intended to be installed on the roof July 27-31, by local students of a trade school. The panels were donated to the Pope by local workmen.

Once installed, they could generate nearly 6 MW of electricity. No church funds were used, and the Pope made it a condition of the project that it could proceed only without church support. The solar panels could generate as much as $3,500 dollars by selling electricity to the German grid. Any income generated will be donated to job and skill training for disadvantaged youth. Continue reading

Belgrade Beer Fest 2009.

The seventh Belgrade Beer Fest is about to move both the citizens of Belgrade and the visitors from August 12. to 16. 5 days of madness and lots and lots of beer will be accompanied by predominantly rock music, though as previous years, there will also be something for people that like other genres. The Beer Fest is the most massive event in Serbia, surpassing the most famous Exit (Novi Sad) and Gucha (Zlatibor) with over half a million visitors. This year it is expected to break the record with more than 600.000 party goers. Continue reading

20 Interesting Things About Europe

Europe has been the center of much of Western Civilization throughout the history of mankind. Here are 20 interesting things about Europe you should know, but may not.

20 Interesting Things About Europe

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Learn Spanish online through "Hola, ¿que tal?"

“Hola, ¿que tal?” (Hi, how are you?) is a website for those who want to learn Spanish online through Spanish culture, history and gastronomy. It is the most complete multimedia course with over 200 internet TV programs, thousands of minutes of entertaining audio-video activities, a virtual interactive book, supported by individual and group tutorials. It also gives the support and the knowledge required for applying to a DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera – Diploma of the Spanish as a foreign language) exam. Continue reading