Coffee, most expensive ice cream, and the gastronomy capital

Coffee cupHere are some interesting facts about food and drink:

  • The coffee industry is the second in annual profit (after the oil industry) earning over 55 billion euros!
  • Boiled crabs become red due to a chemical reaction of a protein substance in their crust.
  • French city Dijon is considered the capital of the world gastronomy due to the fact that an international culinary fair takes place in this city every autumn.

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Piano stairs at Stockholm metro

A giant piano keyboard lays on the stairs of Stockholm’s Odenplan metro station.

”Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do?

Volkswagen’s “Fun Theory”

So what’s the result? See for yourself:

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The largest house in the world

If a castle can be called a house in the biggest one lives the British queen Elizabeth II (on the throne since 1952). Windsor is one of the most important castles of the English royalty. A 45.000 square meters castle with over one thousand rooms stands on a five hectares ground. This castle holds two other records: it is the oldest in the world and in continuous use since William the Conqueror (1066-1087). Windsor has been reconstructed and redesigned several times according to its owners’ style.

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Pau Gasol, serial killer in “CSI Miami”

Spanish national basketball team player and LA Lakers star Pau Gasol might be guest starring in the crime series “CSI Miami“,  according to some Spanish media.

Even though it’s not yet confirmed, Gasol will most probably play the role of a serial killer. The player will shoot his role on three different locations at the city of Los Angeles to appear in what will be one of the first episodes of the ninth season of the series. Continue reading

Dry Bridge in Zrenjanin

Dry Bridge (Serbian Мост на сувом, Суви мост) is a bridge in Zrenjanin, Serbia. It is a unique bridge which does not have any water surface under it.


The bridge was built in 1962 by the project of engineer Rada Janjatov, as a suspension bridge. Its purpose was to connect Zrenjanin city center with Mala Amerika quarter. Two holding towers, one on the north side and the other on the south side, are made of steel and concrete. The northern tower is an 23-meter-high obelisk, while the southern tower is A-shaped and 16 meters high. The suspension cable is made of 102 steel wires.

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The Pope Gets Solar Panels on His House

Pope Benedict XVI’s Bavarian house in Pentling next to Regensburg, will be getting almost 600 square feet of
photovoltaic solar panels.

They were intended to be installed on the roof July 27-31, by local students of a trade school. The panels were donated to the Pope by local workmen.

Once installed, they could generate nearly 6 MW of electricity. No church funds were used, and the Pope made it a condition of the project that it could proceed only without church support. The solar panels could generate as much as $3,500 dollars by selling electricity to the German grid. Any income generated will be donated to job and skill training for disadvantaged youth. Continue reading

Support Serbia for the White Shengen list

Waiting for the visas, Austrian embassy, Belgrade

A new cause reached me on Facebook today, and I’ve decided to join it, hoping to make it easier for the Serbian and other Balkan’s people to travel without visas, at least through the European Union and it’s surroundings. Currently, more than 66.000 users joined this cause, setting it at level 15 (whatever that means…).

I’d like to invite everyone of you who have got a Facebook account to help some 30. million people of this area who are unable to travel without visas, often even to the neighboring state. All you have to do is join the cause and invite your friends to do it. The more people there are from the outside, the more impact it will put on the European governments.

Thanks in advance!

Recession ends in France and Germany

After a year of recession, the French and German economies got their indexes positive. Though the growth is just 0.3% it may be the end of the crisis. Many Europeans received this news with joy, as these two giants might help pull out their neighbors from the crisis. New markets are opening for these countries industries, specially in the Far East.

Belgrade Beer Fest 2009.

The seventh Belgrade Beer Fest is about to move both the citizens of Belgrade and the visitors from August 12. to 16. 5 days of madness and lots and lots of beer will be accompanied by predominantly rock music, though as previous years, there will also be something for people that like other genres. The Beer Fest is the most massive event in Serbia, surpassing the most famous Exit (Novi Sad) and Gucha (Zlatibor) with over half a million visitors. This year it is expected to break the record with more than 600.000 party goers. Continue reading

Exit 09 festival starts tonight at Novi Sad, Serbia

The last bands are arriving and thousands of people are already in Novi Sad, to live what has become one of the largest Serbian brands – the Exit festival. For 10 years th Exit festival has been evolving and improving to become what it is today, one of the coolest festivals in Europe according to several newspapers, journals and magazines. The number of visitors is also growing every year and the last year there have been about 200 thousand, about 80 thousand of them foreign.  The  festival takes place at the Petrovaradin fortress across the Danube from downtown Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city. Continue reading