The Pope Gets Solar Panels on His House

Pope Benedict XVI’s Bavarian house in Pentling next to Regensburg, will be getting almost 600 square feet of
photovoltaic solar panels.

They were intended to be installed on the roof July 27-31, by local students of a trade school. The panels were donated to the Pope by local workmen.

Once installed, they could generate nearly 6 MW of electricity. No church funds were used, and the Pope made it a condition of the project that it could proceed only without church support. The solar panels could generate as much as $3,500 dollars by selling electricity to the German grid. Any income generated will be donated to job and skill training for disadvantaged youth. Continue reading

Recession ends in France and Germany

After a year of recession, the French and German economies got their indexes positive. Though the growth is just 0.3% it may be the end of the crisis. Many Europeans received this news with joy, as these two giants might help pull out their neighbors from the crisis. New markets are opening for these countries industries, specially in the Far East.