Why Composting Is Useful For The Environment

Composting is very similar to recycling but in the broader sense, recycling includes everything. Whether it is composting or recycling the intention is to provide a conducive environment for our future inhabitants. Earth is getting depleted and if we don’t partake in preserving virtually the only habitable place that we are aware of, and then will it rankle us if all we left behind is one lump of uninhabitable planet. Continue reading

What Can I Do About Global Warming?

During the mid-20th century, scientists have begun to observe and record the steady increase in the average temperature of the oceans as well as on the atmosphere. This change is now termed global warming and is recognized to be one of the leading factors in which the planet has been undergoing drastic climatic changes such severe typhoons and flooding. With all these alarming developments, I could not help but wonder what I can specifically do in order to contribute toward decreasing this adverse phenomenon. Continue reading