December 1: World AIDS Day, Charlemagne, Iberian union, Yugoslavia…

Union Day in Romania (1918)

World AIDS Day

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Private Jet Charter Services In India: Avail This To Save Your Time

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Indian economy is fast growing. As time passing by, more and more business related travelling is seen in and across India. Apart from just business, certain VIPs, celebrities, executives and other such people who require travelling simply anywhere within the country at short notice period are fast switching on to the private jet charter services that are now easily available in India. These private jet charter services are the need of the hour. Due to its major advantages more and more people prefer such charter. Private jet charter services- as the name suggests, is a service where you fly solo or with very less people. Unlike commercial aircrafts, you can use it as a car via which you can reach simply anywhere to everywhere.

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A Note on Meditation

I’m sure most of us are more or less familiar with this word – “meditation”. The word has become very popular – both in the east and the west in the last 100 years or so. Especially during the 60’s, among Hippies and Hollywood celebrities, when drugs became popular, meditation also took to popularity. Like many other things, spirituality became a fashion. Some used drugs, some used meditation, and some used both. India became a large exporter of meditation gurus and these gurus established their meditation centers around the world.  Continue reading