10 Animals on the Brink of Extinction

iberian lynxHere’s a list of animals on the brink of extinction compiled by EcoWorldly. We borrowed it to help the cause and spread the word. For more details visit the last page’s bottom.

1. Iberian Lynx

The Iberian (Spanish), Lynx lives in very small areas of central and southern Spain (Andalucia). It used to live throughout Spain and Portugal but its numbers have been drastically reduced to the point where it is now one of the most endangered wild cats in the world. Continue reading

Golfing in Puerto Vallarta

Seemingly overnight, Puerto Vallarta has become a world-class golf destination, boasting seven outstanding golf resorts. Some of the world’s greatest golf course architects have designed courses for this tropical paradise in the last decade, including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf and Robert von Hagge, who with 11 courses south of the border has become Mexico’s most esteemed golf course designer. Continue reading