December 1: World AIDS Day, Charlemagne, Iberian union, Yugoslavia…

Union Day in Romania (1918)

World AIDS Day

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October 29.

Republic Day in Turkey (1923)

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September 26.

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September 14.

1219. – Serbian Orthodox Church was proclaimed autocephalous (independent) – by the Byzantine Emperor Theodore I Lascaris and Patriarch Manuel I Haritopoulos of Nicaea with Sava Nemanjić as first Serbian Archbishop – with its headquarters in the Žiča Monastery. Tzar Dušan raised the Serbian church to the rank of patriarchate in 1346.

1716. – The first lighthouse in the U.S. was inaugurated in Boston harbor. Continue reading

September 10.

  • 1526. – Turkish Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, after his victory over the Hungarians in Mohács field, captured Buda (part of present-day Budapest, Hungary), which became the seat of the Buda province of the Ottoman Empire for the next 150 years. Continue reading