San Alfonso del Mar – biggest pool on Earth

World’s largest swimming pool is the 1km long artificial lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar resort, Algarrobo, Chile. This giant pool has a few brilliantly designed private beaches made to resemble a tropical surrounding, with numerous palms and white sand. The beaches have small docks for sailboats and kayaks, and it the water is pumped from the Pacific ocean. Part of the resort is the Blue Spa, the first spa center in Chile. Continue reading

Golfing in Puerto Vallarta

Seemingly overnight, Puerto Vallarta has become a world-class golf destination, boasting seven outstanding golf resorts. Some of the world’s greatest golf course architects have designed courses for this tropical paradise in the last decade, including Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf and Robert von Hagge, who with 11 courses south of the border has become Mexico’s most esteemed golf course designer. Continue reading

Snowboarders Buy Green

Canadian, European and American ski holiday resorts have been actively participating in recycling and composting projects from as early as 2001. Most ski holiday resorts are now using one hundred percent recyclable materials throughout day to day operations. Resort restaurants are using environment friendly utensils and carry out containers and composting food scraps with wood shavings to use in landscaping throughout their resorts.

Some resorts are passing their recycling and composting knowledge to their guests. Several also take a one dollar donation from guests to donate to organisations dedicated to helping the environment. Continue reading