Dry Bridge in Zrenjanin

Dry Bridge (Serbian Мост на сувом, Суви мост) is a bridge in Zrenjanin, Serbia. It is a unique bridge which does not have any water surface under it.


The bridge was built in 1962 by the project of engineer Rada Janjatov, as a suspension bridge. Its purpose was to connect Zrenjanin city center with Mala Amerika quarter. Two holding towers, one on the north side and the other on the south side, are made of steel and concrete. The northern tower is an 23-meter-high obelisk, while the southern tower is A-shaped and 16 meters high. The suspension cable is made of 102 steel wires.

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September 14.

1219. – Serbian Orthodox Church was proclaimed autocephalous (independent) – by the Byzantine Emperor Theodore I Lascaris and Patriarch Manuel I Haritopoulos of Nicaea with Sava Nemanjić as first Serbian Archbishop – with its headquarters in the Žiča Monastery. Tzar Dušan raised the Serbian church to the rank of patriarchate in 1346.

1716. – The first lighthouse in the U.S. was inaugurated in Boston harbor. Continue reading

Support Serbia for the White Shengen list

Waiting for the visas, Austrian embassy, Belgrade

A new cause reached me on Facebook today, and I’ve decided to join it, hoping to make it easier for the Serbian and other Balkan’s people to travel without visas, at least through the European Union and it’s surroundings. Currently, more than 66.000 users joined this cause, setting it at level 15 (whatever that means…).

I’d like to invite everyone of you who have got a Facebook account to help some 30. million people of this area who are unable to travel without visas, often even to the neighboring state. All you have to do is join the cause and invite your friends to do it. The more people there are from the outside, the more impact it will put on the European governments.


Thanks in advance!

Exit 09 festival starts tonight at Novi Sad, Serbia

The last bands are arriving and thousands of people are already in Novi Sad, to live what has become one of the largest Serbian brands – the Exit festival. For 10 years th Exit festival has been evolving and improving to become what it is today, one of the coolest festivals in Europe according to several newspapers, journals and magazines. The number of visitors is also growing every year and the last year there have been about 200 thousand, about 80 thousand of them foreign.  The  festival takes place at the Petrovaradin fortress across the Danube from downtown Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city. Continue reading

25th Belgrade Universiade starts today

2009_Summer_UniversiadeThousands of participants are already here at Belgrade, preparing for the 25th summer Universiade (Student Olympics), the most numerous sports happening after the Olympic games. There will be competitions in 503 categories of 15 sports, more than 1400 medals will be awarded, and about 8500 competitors from 145 countries will participate. They will be aided during their stay by more than 10000 voluntaries, speaking more than 80 languages. The competitions will be held all across the city, and a few basketball games will be held in Vršac, a city about an hour of driving away from Belgrade. The participants are accommodated at Belville, aka. the University village, at the New Belgrade district, near the arena. Continue reading

22. Belgrade Marathon tomorrow

Some 1200 contestants from 40 countries have applied for tomorrow’s 22. Banca Intesa Belgrade Marathon, one of the most popular marathons in Europe. They will be joined by at least 20 thousand citizens participating in the Trka zadovoljstva (Fun Run) race that has a humanitarian goal – buying a ticket that costs about 2,5 € (3$) helps an UNICEF program School free of violence. Besides the Fun Run race there are the half marathon (20 km) and marathon (40 km). Same as previous years, the favorites are Kenyan athletes.

Part of this year’s Belgrade marathon is the 42nd Military World Marathon Championship (International Military Sports Council CISM – 140 nation-members) Continue reading

The Orthodox world celebrates Christmas

The Russian and Serbian Orthodox churches, Greek Mt. Athos and the Jerusalem patriarchy along with some smaller Orthodox regions, celebrate the Christmas tomorrow, January 7, according to the Julian calendar.

The usual message sent in Serbia for Christmas is “Mir Božiji, Hristos se rodi” (seen on the top of the icon), which means “(Gods) Peace, Christ is born ”

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Belgrade Your Way

Kalemegdan Fortress and new Belgrade

Kalemegdan Fortress and new Belgrade

Do you know what or where Belgrade is?  If your answer is no, we definitely recommend you BelgradeYourWay.com. If you do know that Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, located on the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe, and that it’s a 3 million inhabitants city with over 7000 years of history, Belgrade Your Way is still a site you should visit. In case you’ve been in Belgrade and know everything about it, you’re invited to share your knowledge with others, through the forums, or writing an article. After all, that’s what makes this site unique: it’s all about Belgrade – your way! Continue reading