Secrets To Smoking Salmon


First and most import are quality and cleanliness. Use only fresh or fresh frozen salmon that is of a high quality. Don’t use that 20 lb water marked gator salmon that was just about ready to spawn-out and die before you caught it up the river. Smoking does not “cover” or “hide” poor quality fish. In fact it will call attention to problem areas, think tight hip hugger jeans. A good rule of thumb is to only smoke fish you would eat fresh. Continue reading

Women smoke better than men

The women inhalate less and fewer than men, and that’s a difference that transcends the forms and makes them have lower levels of carbon monoxyde (CO) than men.

This is the conclusion of the UE Help Comets, which reflects that European female smokers have an average of 15 particles of CO per million, while the male smokers have that number up to 17,8 ppm. Continue reading

Are you "green"?

Being “green” doesn’t only mean buying plants for your home or garden, or saying “save the whales dude!” If you think that you have to be rich or powerful to be able to do something for the well fare of your planet, you’re terribly wrong. Everybody can help in the battle against global pollution, the greenhouse effect and other evils that menace our bare existence.

Here are some things you can do yourself:

Continue reading