Pau Gasol, serial killer in “CSI Miami”

Spanish national basketball team player and LA Lakers star Pau Gasol might be guest starring in the crime series “CSI Miami“,  according to some Spanish media.

Even though it’s not yet confirmed, Gasol will most probably play the role of a serial killer. The player will shoot his role on three different locations at the city of Los Angeles to appear in what will be one of the first episodes of the ninth season of the series. Continue reading

10 Animals on the Brink of Extinction

iberian lynxHere’s a list of animals on the brink of extinction compiled by EcoWorldly. We borrowed it to help the cause and spread the word. For more details visit the last page’s bottom.

1. Iberian Lynx

The Iberian (Spanish), Lynx lives in very small areas of central and southern Spain (Andalucia). It used to live throughout Spain and Portugal but its numbers have been drastically reduced to the point where it is now one of the most endangered wild cats in the world. Continue reading

Learn Spanish online through "Hola, ¿que tal?"

“Hola, ¿que tal?” (Hi, how are you?) is a website for those who want to learn Spanish online through Spanish culture, history and gastronomy. It is the most complete multimedia course with over 200 internet TV programs, thousands of minutes of entertaining audio-video activities, a virtual interactive book, supported by individual and group tutorials. It also gives the support and the knowledge required for applying to a DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera – Diploma of the Spanish as a foreign language) exam. Continue reading

Google Translate now in more languages

Google’s popular translating tool – Google Translate now comes in some new languages. We’ve tested and compared some of these, like the Serbian, Croatian and Spanish, and came to a conclusion that the new ones have nothing to envy to the older. There are some translation mistakes, of course, but not any more than other languages, and you can suggest a better translation. Continue reading